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12-1-2010 - RE: Zazzeri Da Da basin tap order: Dear Mr Costa This is just to confirm receipt of the item today. I have given in straight to my builder - he will let me know soon if there are any problems with the unit, but I wanted to let you know straight away that it has now arrived! With best wishes, and thank you for your help D Smith
17-11-2009 - RE: Fantini 1844 tap order: Alfredo, Just a note to confirm that I have received the Fantini 1844 today and to say thankyou for resolving my problems. J Wright
11-11-2009 - RE: Fantini Plano tap order: Hi Alfredo, Recieved the missing items of the Fantini tap!! Thanks. Can you please tell me when the other 3 items are being shipped to us? Best regards Judith
25-8-2009 - RE: Vitruvit Swing washbasin order: Dear Alfredo Costa, The vitruvit Swing sink has been delivered to our house. Unfortunately, the Chrome Siphon that was ordered and paid for, was not with it. Please could you indicate when this will be delivered. Regards S Bowell
24-7-2009 - RE: Fantini Nostromo tap order: Dear Alfredo Costa, Today, friday the 24th july, i received the Fantini Nostromo bath set. I thank you for your different mail to inform me about the production... But, yes, there is a little trouble.... It miss one thing: The handle! I found everywhere, in every package, and all pieces are right exepted the handle (of ) Here you can see a picture of this handle I hope you understand my disappointement, and i'd like to get it more quickly as you can... Sincerely yours, M. Parras
12-4-2009 - RE: Lineabeta washbasin order: Alfredo - it has arrived in Milano so there is no need for you to check. Thanks Gareth
19-2-2009 - RE: Agape washbasin order: The has arrived. Thank you L W
5-9-2008 - RE: Ritmonio Dumbo Steel kitchen tap order: Mauro finally this tap has arrived and we are happy with the finish. I am glad that we can draw a line under this now. I would just like to say that if you communicated with customers when problems arrive, even if it is not your fault you would save a lot of stress. L Armitage
13-6-2008 - RE: Regia Juke Box Light washbasins order: Dear Sirs, Sinks have arrived. Regards, M. Newton
19-5-2008 - RE: Vitruvit Limit washbasins order: Please be advised that this order has turned up. Please can you send me an invoice for our books to cover the money paid to yourself. Regards L Flynn
Dear Mauro 29-8-2007 - RE: Vitruvit Limit Toilet order: Please go ahead with the order for the floor mounted bath tap. I have transferred 100% of the costs directly into your bank account on a same day transfer this Friday 26/08/07. The original order also arrived on 26/08/07 however, the Vitruvit, limit, limvap+limcwt, Back to Wall Toilet was not present. Can you let me know when this should arrive. I was under the impression that it was shipped altogether. Many thanks Dr N Reynolds
23-7-2007 - RE: Arvex washbasin order: The arvex glass sink has arrived and now the order is complete. Thanks for everything and I look forward to doing more business with you in the near future. Regards Paul
22-6-07 - RE: NIC Design washbasin order: My Nic sink arrived in one piece except for the drain pipe which was damaged. Can you express another? J Manship
18-6-2007 - RE: Gessi Rettangolo order: They have arrived Thank you for your help Regards Rob
7-6-2007 - RE: Galassia Arke toilet seat order: It has arrived thank you very much. Regards Mark
5-2-07 Re: gessi tap recieved: Just to let you know the tap has arrived. Regards, Graeme
30-8-2006 - RE: WET LTB washbasin + siphon order: Hi - I wanted to let you know that the sink arrived today! Thank you so much and I hope you all enjoyed your vacations! J Gunning
15-8-2006 - RE: Antonio Lupi sink order: J Manship to show details 8/15/06 It arrived in one piece. Thanks
28-5-2006 - RE: Galassia SA02 Toilet order: Dear We received the Toilet yesterday, thank you for your efforts. I have just placed another order for a basin (order no 17310805), so according to your delivery times below, will expect this to arrive around mid December. Please could you keep me updated with the order. Thanks Branko
11-5-2005 - RE: Antonio Lupi Bubble washbasin order: Hello, I did recieve the Antonio Lupi Bubble sink, it arrived in perfect condition!!! I love it... I had a question on the "Wett" bath and sink: what or how many amps are required to light it? The only information I cold get on the web site is the voltage, any information you could supply me with would be helpful!! Thank you, Shantel
11-5-2005 - RE: Regia washbasin order: Please credit my account the 20% as agreed....the sink as finally arrived. Please acknowledge receipt of this email. L Marsh
25-11-2004 - RE: Agape order: Dear Raffaella: I picked up the shipment today from the shipper's office at the Kona airport. They had the crate since early this week, and I am glad to finally bring the goods on HOME. Everything looks great on initial review. The quality in design is so readily apparent, and was definitely worth the wait. I look forward to the next occasion for business with you and your associates. Thank you. /R Schooley
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