Tulli Zuccari Bathroom Sinks

Tulli Zuccari Bathroom Sinks

Tulli Zuccari Bathroom Sinks
tulli zuccari cubo - square
Tulli Zuccari bathroom sinks, 42cm dia., 13cm high, basin, in molten clear square crystal glass, placed on crystal glass countertop, 92cm wide X 44cm deep. The steel support is 30cm wide X 40cm deep X 25cm high, with an attached towel rail. There is an option for either a wall tap or counter-top tap arrangement. There is also an extra option for coloured glass - gold; to choose this option, please select either a wall or counter-top tap arrangement and the coloured glass option, below.



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|Tulli Zuccari Bathroom Sinks
Tulli Zuccari Bathroom Sinks
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